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4. Press Option. The segments on the Digital Display will
light in a clockwise direction to indicate that the vacuuming
process has started. The unit will beep for two seconds when
the process is complete.
Place the vacuum port in the “Closed” or “Locked” position
(canisters only).
Remove the vacuum hose from the vacuum port.
Note: Store vacuum sealed bottles vertically, making
sure that the liquid is not in contact with the stopper.
WARNING: Never vacuum package garlic or fungi
(such as mushrooms). A dangerous chemical
reaction takes place when air is removed, causing
these foods to be dangerous if ingested.
WARNING: Do not reuse bags that have been boiled
or microwaved. Do not reuse bags that have been
used to store fresh fish, fresh chicken, fresh meats or
greasy foods.
Always clean and dry your Vacuum Sealer completely before
storing. Be sure to protect it from contact with equipment or other
objects that could damage its control panel.
Turn the Vacuum Sealer Off by pressing On | Off and then unplug
the unit from the electrical outlet.
Use a damp cloth and mild soap to clean dust, crumbs and
spilled liquids from exterior surfaces.
Use a soft brush to gently remove crumbs or other materials from
the unit’s Vacuum Channel Seal Gasket and Seal Wire.
To clean the vacuum hose, detach from vacuum port and
run warm water through hose. Dry hose completely before
WARNING: Always disconnect your Vacuum Sealer
from the electrical power outlet before cleaning.