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Press On | Off. The LED above the button will light and the last
selected Seal Time (a value from 0 to 9) will appear on the Digital
Turning the Unit ON
Note: Pressing On | Off during vacuuming or
sealing immediately stops the process.
The Seal Time on your Vacuum Sealer is adjustable to help
ensure proper sealing when bags with different wall thicknesses
are used. The Seal Time setting can be set from 0 (no sealing)
to 9. For ease of use, your Vacuum Sealer retains the Seal Time
value you set until it is changed.
Setting the Seal Time
Automatic vacuuming and sealing allows you to package food
items with the touch of a single button. It is ideal for packaging
multiple or commonly stored items quickly and conveniently.
1. Place the food item in a suitably sized heat-seal bag. Allow at
least 1.75 (4.5 cm) of space between the top of the food item
and the open end of the bag to ensure the best vacuum.
Automatic Vacuum & Sealing
To adjust the Seal Time, press the and/or buttons until
the desired setting appears on the Digital Display.