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Auto - Activates a vacuum cycle followed by a seal cycle. Seal
time is determined by the setting on the digital display. The LED
above this button is lit until the sealing process begins. A two
second audible tone sounds when the process is complete.
Pulse - Manually controls the vacuum process. Press and hold
the button to apply vacuum, release the button to pause the
process. The LED above this button lights when this function is
selected; it remains lit until another function is selected.
Seal - Immediately activates the sealing process when the unit
is operating in Auto or Pulse. If in Auto, the vacuum pump
continues to run until the sealing operation is complete. The LED
above this button is lit while this process is running. A two second
audible tone sounds when the process is complete. This button is
not operational when Marinate or Option have been selected.
Seal Time - These buttons set the length of time in seconds that
the bag will be sealed. increases the time, decreases the
time. If 0 is selected, the bag remains unsealed. The last seal
time set is retained when the unit is turned Off or loses power.
Digital Display - Displays information regarding the vacuum and
sealing process. The following table describes what you’ll see on
the display during normal operation.