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13 PolyScience Vacuum Sealing Systems
2. Place the open end of the bag across the Vacuum
Compartment Seal Gasket, making certain that the open end
is within the Vacuum Compartment.
Note: A positive seal will look “clear” upon inspection.
If the seal is spotty, incomplete, wrinkled, white or
milky, cut the seal and restart the vacuuming and
sealing process.
WARNING: Be sure to store vacuum packaged items
properly after sealing. All perishable foods must be
refrigerated or frozen to prevent spoilage. Vacuum
packaging is not a substitute for canning.
Close the Vacuum Compartment Lid.
Adjust the Seal Time setting as required (see Setting the Seal
Time, page 12).
Press Auto. The segments on the Digital Display will light
in a clockwise direction until the vacuum step has been
completed. The selected Seal Time will then appear on
the Digital Display and the sealing cycle will begin. The
display will count down from the selected Seal Time. When
the display reaches 0, the Vacuum Compartment Lid will
open automatically and the unit will beep for two seconds
indicating that the vacuuming and sealing process has been
Remove the bag and check for proper vacuum and seal.6.