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Delicate foods (such as seafood, berries, peas, etc) may be
crushed or damaged if packaged using automatic vacuuming and
sealing. Manual vacuuming and sealing gives you precise control
over the vacuum process to prevent these foods from being
ruined. It is also useful for packaging some juicy foods, helping
prevent liquids from being drawn out of the bags.
1. Place the food item in a heat-seal bag, position the bag
properly in the Vacuum Channel and close the Vacuum
Compartment Lid.
2. Press and hold Pulse. The vacuum pump will turn “On” until
the button is released, allowing you to observe and control
the amount of air removed from the bag. The shorter the
“pulses,” the greater your control.
3. Press Seal to seal the bag and complete the process.
Manual Vacuuming & Sealing
NOTE: If the Seal button is not pressed, the unit
will automatically end the process approximately 7
seconds after the Pulse button is released.
4. Remove the bag and check for proper vacuum and seal.
NOTE: A positive seal will look “clear” upon
inspection. If the seal is spotty, incomplete,
wrinkled, white, or milky, cut the seal and restart the
vacuuming and sealing process.
WARNING: Be sure to store vacuum packaged items
properly after sealing. All perishable foods must be
refrigerated or frozen to prevent spoilage. Vacuum
packaging is not a substitute for canning.
Extending the Sealing Time
The standard seal time of 5 seconds should be sufficient for
most bag thicknesses. If you are using thicker bag materials
or seals are weak or incomplete, you can extend the seal time
to 10 seconds by pressing Seal Plus prior to pressing Auto,
Pulse or Seal.
Canceling the Vacuum or Sealing Process
Pressing Stop at any time automatically stops whatever
process is running.