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PolyScience Vacuum Sealing Systems
6. Remove the bag and check for proper seal.
1. Pull out a length of roll sized to fit the item you wish to
vacuum package. Be sure to allow for at least 1.75 inch (4.5
cm) of space at the top and the bottom of the food item.
2. Cut the roll to size.
3. Place the open end of the roll across the Seal Wire in the
Vacuum Compartment, making sure the Seal Wire spans the
entire width of the roll.
Making a Heat-Seal Bag from a Roll
CAUTION: When making heat-seal bags from a roll,
we recommend that you allow at least 20 seconds
between each seal. When the unit is used for an
extended period of time without allowing sufficient
time between sealing, it may overheat and shut
down. See Troubleshooting for more information.
Note: A positive seal will look “clear” upon inspection.
If the seal is spotty, incomplete, wrinkled, white or
milky, cut the seal and restart the sealing process.
4. Close the Vacuum Chamber Lid.
5. Press Seal. The vacuum pump will turn “On”, pulling the Lid
tight against the Seal Wire. Vacuum will release when the
sealing process is complete.