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Choosing Bakeware for Countertop Oven Use:
The broil pan included with the oven is
suitable for items such as cookies, rolls,
biscuits, nachos and pork chops.
A variety of standard baking dishes,
such as a 9" (22.9 cm) round or square
cake pan, a 6 cup (1.5 L) muffin pan,
small baking sheets, and 1 and 2 qt
(0.95 mL and 1.9 L) round, square and
rectangular casserole dishes, may be
used. The oven door must close
Choose bakeware made of metal, oven-
safe glass, ceramic or silicone.
Use lowest oven rack position when
using deep, oven-safe glass or ceramic
containers and allow at least 1" (2.5 cm)
airspace between the top of the
container and the upper cooking
Do not use glass lids. If a cover is
desired, use a loosely fitted sheet of
aluminum foil shiny side up or down.
Many convenience foods are packaged
in nonmetallic containers suitable for
use in microwave ovens. Check
package directions to determine
whether the container is suitable for use
in a regular oven.
Cleaning Your Countertop Oven
Make sure the Time control knob is in
the 0 (off) position. Then, unplug from
the wall socket before cleaning.
Allow oven and accessories to cool
completely before cleaning.
Do not use abrasive cleaners or metal
scouring pads. They could scratch the
Wipe the outside of the oven with a
clean, damp cloth and dry thoroughly. A
nonabrasive liquid cleaner may be used
for stubborn stains. Rinse and dry
Hand washing is recommended for
racks and pan. Remove all items from
the countertop oven. Wash the rack,
broil pan, and grill in hot, sudsy water.
Rinse and dry thoroughly. To clean the
crumb tray, slide it out of the oven and
brush off crumbs. Wipe with a damp
cloth and dry thoroughly.
NOTE: The oven rack, broil pan and grill
are dishwasher safe, but hand washing
is recommended.
To remove baked-on stains, scrub with a
paste made from baking soda and
water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
The walls on the inside of the oven have
a nonstick coating for easy cleaning.
Remove heavy spatter after use with a
nylon or polyester mesh pad, sponge or
cloth dampened with warm water. Dry
with a paper towel or soft, dry cloth.
IMPORTANT: Do not use cleaning agents,
cleansers or metal scouring pads on the
inner oven coating as they may reduce its