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Countertop Oven Use Tips
Setting very short times
When setting timer for 5 minutes or less,
turn the Time control knob beyond the
10-minute mark. Then, turn the knob back
to the desired time.
Are guesstimates OK?
Experience will teach you how much time to
use for toasting various kinds of bread.
Frozen, dark or whole-grain breads require a
longer time. Fresh, soft or white breads
require a shorter time.
For foods that melt
When cooking small pieces of foods or
foods that will melt, use the broil pan. This
will keep food from falling onto the cooking
To minimize cleanup
Spray the broil pan with nonstick cooking
spray for easier cleanup when cooking wet
or sticky foods. Wash pan thoroughly after
each use to avoid buildup of cooking spray.
Size limits for food
For best results, food and/or oven-safe
containers (see “Food Cooking Tips”
section) must fit into the countertop oven
without touching the cooking elements or
inside walls of oven. The door must close
When oven is off
Turn the Temperature control knob to
WARM, or minimum setting, when
countertop oven is not in use.
For extended use
When cooking for a long time at high
temperatures, you may detect a slight odor
from the oven insulation materials. This is
Food Cooking Tips
Check food cooking progress through
the clear, tempered glass door window.
Your countertop oven wiII be more
energy efficient if you open the door less
If top of food item browns too fast, lower
the rack position or reduce oven
temperature. If bottom of food item
browns too fast, raise rack position or
reduce oven temperature.
Be sure all foods and/or containers fit in
the countertop oven without touching
cooking elements or keeping door from
Remove all plastic and/or paper
wrappers from foods before cooking.
Use only loosely covered oven-safe
containers. Airtight containers may
cause food to boil over or splatter.
Follow package directions when
preparing frozen or packaged foods.
Preheating the oven is not necessary.
Oven surfaces can become hot during
cooking. Touch only the door handle
and knobs during oven operation.
Do not place items on top or near
countertop oven while in use.
Replace cardboard, glass or plastic lids
with aluminum foil for use in the
countertop oven.