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Steamed Aubergine Zucchini Roulade with Porcini Mushroom Flour
2 aubergines | 2 zucchini | 20 g porcini mushroom flour |
2 tablespoons roasted onions | 3 sprigs parsley, chopped
1 l water for steam cooker
Bread Dumpling Mix
4 bread rolls from previous day | 2 eggs | 100 ml milk, lukewarm |
1 tablespoons chives, finely chopped | ½ onion | 20 g butter |
salt and pepper | Clear-wrap and aluminum foil
Thinly slice bread rolls and pour warm milk over, then let soak
for 10 minutes. Chop onions in fine cubes, sauté in butter and
add to rolls, together with the remaining ingredients. Carefully
knead together until dough is formed.
Slice zucchini and aubergines in thin slices, using the RÖSLE
V-Slicer. Steam for approx. one minute until soft and can be
formed into rolls.
With care arrange vegetable slices on clear-wrap, thinly spread
the bread dumpling mix over it, and season with porcini mushroom
flour. Next, sprinkle with parsley and roasted onions. Carefully
roll up mix so that it is completely sealed in clear-wrap. In addi-
tion, wrap in aluminum foil, tightly twisting the right and left
end so that a roulade is being formed. Add one liter of water in
Steamer and put in insert. Place roulade on it and leave it
steam-cook for ca. 8 minutes. Take out of foil, let it rest for a
short while, and then cut into slices.
Tipp: The roulade tastes great with salad, or as it is with soy sauce.
Porcini mushroom flour is made from dried mushrooms, either
crushed or powdered. You can also use other types of mushrooms.
ROE_Bedien_Aroma-Dampfgarer.indd 23 13.03.13 16:31