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4. Steam Cooking
Gentle cooking is considered to be the healthiest method of cooking.
The food is not submerged in water and does not leach. Vitamins
and minerals maintain their high nutritional value. You will not
need to cook with added salt as the food maintains its natural
aroma tic flavour. Steam-cooked vegetables contain up to 50 per
cent more nutrients compared to traditional cooking. Meat and
sausages are more easily digestible as hard-to-digest fats diffuse out.
Cooking with steam is ideal for everything that does not need to be
seared or become crispy. The heat transfer of steam ensures that
the food is cooked evenly on the inside. Vegetables remain tender,
poultry remains juicy, dumplings locker and fish does not fall apart.
The ingredients retain their colour, flavour, and aroma. Nothing
dries out or burns.
The water is brought to a boil and the food placed on the insert is
cooked in the rising steam. It is important that there is always
sufficient liquid (such as water or broth) in the pot.
Use the steam cooker for cooking, as well as for de-freezing and
keeping food warm.
Temperature can be read easily thanks to an integrated thermo-
meter. The glass lid allows you to observe the cooking process.
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