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ROSLE Passetout/Food Mill Instructions
Congratulations on having chosen a ROSLE product. With the purchase of this
Passetout/Food Mill, you have selected a superior quality product from 18/10 stainless
steel. We hope you will enjoy using this kitchen tool. For long lasting and efficient
service we recommend that you read and follow the following tips and instructions on use
and care.
Component Parts
1. Crank lever
2. Sieve Disc (0.1 and 0.3cm/0.04 and 0.1 in. included)
3. Passetout/Food Mill bowl
4. Three rests for safe positioning on pots and bowls
Fit Sieve Disc in the Passetout/Food Mill bowl
Make sure that the indentation in the Sieve Disc fits correctly into the protrusion on
the Passetout/Food Mill bowl.
Insert crank lever into the central hole of the Sieve Disc (see illustration).
Press the crank lever bracket downwards. Fit the bracket of the crank lever into the
corresponding hooks on each side.
Your Passetout/Food Mill is now ready for action.
Tips for Efficient use:
Best results will be obtained when passing/milling food of soft consistency. Firm solid
foodstuffs such as potatoes or apples should first be boiled.
To minimize effort when passing/milling, first chop food up into smaller bits and do not
overfill the Passetout/Food Mill.
To prevent scratches on metal surfaces avoid turning the crank lever when the
Passetout/Food Mill bowl is empty.
Always disassemble Passetout/Food Mill for cleaning. Both Passetout/Food Mill bowl
and Sieve Discs can go into the dishwasher for cleaning. The crank lever should NOT go
into the dishwasher.
Sieve Discs and Accessories:
Sieve Disc 0.1 cm/0.04in. (included): Ideal for passing/milling fruit for jams or preparing
fine sauces. Art.-No.: 16265
Sieve Disc 0.2 cm/0.08in.: Just perfect for passing/milling creamy soups and fine purees.
Art. No.: 16266
Sieve Disc 0.3 cm/0.1 in. (included): This is the most commonly used disc for all kinds of
vegetables, thick soups and purees. Art.-No.: 16267
Sieve Disc 0.4 cm/0.2 in.: Suitable for jams, mash potatoes with small pieces and fine
Spaetzle. Art.-No.: 16268
Sieve Disc 0.8 cm/0.3 in.: Special disc for preparation of thicker Spaetzle. Art.-No.: