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5.1. Packaging
The machine must always be transported in the
correct position following the instructions on the
cardboard box.
Do not turn over the machine or lay it down
on its side.
The box also contains separate accessories and
technical documentation which must be saved for
further consultation.
Open the top part of the packaging, remove the
accessories and then remove the machine from
its packaging.
Check if the machine, the accessories, the electric
cable and the plug are in perfect condition. Should
one of these parts be damaged, immediately con-
tact the retailer.
The packing elements (plastic bags, ex-
panded polystyrene, nails, cardboard, etc.)
must not be left within reach of children as
they are potential sources of danger.
Do not dispose of the packing elements in the
environment; consign them to firms author-
ized for their disposal.
The machine has been designed and manufactured
to obtain espresso and other hot beverages (tea,
cappuccino, etc.).
This machine is only intended for the purposes
for which it was designed. Any other use is to be
considered unsuitable and therefore dangerous.
The user must always follow the indications contai-
ned in this manual. If the machine is not working
properly, switch it off and do not attempt any direct
repair. For service, contact the retailer.
The user must not:
Touch the hot surfaces of the machine with his
hands, but use only proper the controls;
Transport the machine or carry out maintenance
operations with the plug connected and when the
machine is warm;
Use the machine if the supply cable is damaged
Touch the machine with wet or damp hands or
Overturn or place the packaging on one side
Wash the machine with water or vapour jet
Dip the machine in water or other liquid
Use the machine when there are children in close
Allow the machine to be used by children or inca-
pable persons
Obstruct the aspirations or heat dissipation grills
Place containers with liquids on the machine
It is forbidden to install or use the machine if
it is wet or damp.
It is always necessary to request an accu-
rate check by qualified personnel in order
to find any possible damages to the electric
This machine may be used only for the purposes
for which it was designed. It cannot be used to di-
spense products other than coffee or any non food
The manufacturer cannot be held responsible
for any damage caused by unsuitable, erro-
neous or irrational use of the machine.
The machine is delivered ready to be installed in
accordance to the label data.
Ensure that the electrical supply system has
the same features as the machine.
The electrical supply system must be equip-
ped with a GFI (ground-fault interrupt) or a
general automatic switch with an efficient
grounding system. Should there be no
electrical protection element, have a single-
pole switch installed by qualified personnel,
as outlined by the current safety regulations
with a contact opening distance of either
equivalent or over 3 mm.
The grounding of the appliance is man-
The manufacturer declines all responsi-
bility in the event of failure to respect the
accident prevention norms.
Take care not to damage the supply cable by
placing undue weight upon it.
Do not disconnect the machine by pulling the
cable, but instead by gripping the plug.