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of 14
Any traces of coffee are due to testing of the
The packing elements (plastic bags, expanded
polystyrene, nails, cardboard, etc.) must not be left
within the reach of children, as they are potential
sources of danger.
Check that the data on the machine corresponds
to those of the electrical supply network, before
connecting the equipment.
It is advisable to unwind the supply cable for the
whole length to avoid twisting or damages. Do not
place the cable near water, liquids or heat sour-
ces. The cable must not be damaged (should the
cable be damaged, contact qualified personnel to
replace it).
It is inadvisable to use adapters, multiple sockets
and/or extensions. When their use is indispensa-
ble, only products with certificate of quality (e.g.
UL, etc.) may be used. Check that the voltage
capacity limit indicated on the adapters excee-
ds the absorption capacity (A = ampere) of the
When in doubt, request an accurate check of the
connections by qualified personnel. The wiring
system must comply with the following safety
- efficient grounding
- section of conductors suitable for absorption
- efficient earth leakage protection circuit
Do not install the machine near heat sources (oven,
cooking stove, fireplace, etc.) or in conditions in
which the temperature may not go below 41°F. IT
Do not leave the machine exposed to atmospheric
agents (rain, sun, etc.) and do not install in damp
rooms such as bathrooms.
In the event of parts replacement, request original
spares from an authorized retailer or dealer.
Keep the packed machine in a dry place, not
exposed to atmospheric agents and in conditions
in which the temperature will fall below 41°F.
Do not stack more than three items of the same
kind. Do not place heavy items on the packa-
Erroneous installation may cause damage to
people and things for which the manufacturer
cannot be considered responsible.
PRODUCT RANGE: Coffee machine
The label illustrated on the cover of this instruction
manual corresponds to the identification label placed
on the machine.
Label data (Fig.1)
1 Manufacturer
2 Model and version
3 Voltage
4 EC conformity mark (if required)
5 Serial number
6 Boiler data
7 Machine total absorption
8 Protection level
9 Motor power
10 Heating element power
11 Frequency
12 Conformity marks
13 Year of manufacture
Warning symbols. The instructions which re-
fer to this symbol must be followed with great
care in order to avoid accidents or damage
to the machine.
This manual is an integral and essential part of the
product and must be delivered to the user. The warn-
ings contained in it must be read carefully, as they
supply important indications related to the safety of
installation, use and maintenance. Keep this manual
for future reference.