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All maintenance operations must be carried
out with the machine off and cold and with
the power plug disconnected.
Use a damp cloth or sponge for cleaning. Do
not use any metallic or abrasive materials for
cleaning (such as scourers, metal brushes,
needles or detergents).
9.1. Daily (Fig.5)
Clean the bodywork, the steam wand* (7), the
diffuser (19) and the cup-base seal (20) of group
head (12).
Check and clean the discharge drawer (11) as
Rinse filters (14/15) and the portafilter (13) using
hot water and a cloth or sponge.
It is very important to clean the steam wand
(7) with a damp cloth or sponge after each
use, as well as discharging any milk residue
from the wand by opening the steam tap (6)
briefly, then closing again.
9.2. Periodically or after a period of intensive
machine use
Do the following in addition to the “Daily” operations:
Immerse filters (14/15) and the portafilter (13) in
boiling water for a few minutes to allow the coffee
grease to dissolve, then remove using a sponge
or a cloth.
Periodically use a special espresso machine-clea-
ning product.
Carefully follow the instructions on the clea-
ning products’ packaging. For information
concerning the choice of the cleaning pro-
duct, contact the retailer.
Clean water tank (8), carefully immerse water-de-
livery tube (18) (Fig.6) as far as possible into the
water tank.
In the event of damage to the power supply
cable, contact an authorized service com-
pany for replacement as a special tool is
The scrap materials used for processing or
maintenance should be placed in containers
and sent to special collection centers, unless
they are biodegradable or non-polluting.
Operations to be carried out by the user after having
disconnected the electrical supply:
A) The machine fails to start:
- Check whether the power plug is connected
- Check that the power is on and that the GFI (ground-
fault interrupt) or the main switch is engaged
- Check the conditions of the plug and the power ca-
ble, should they be damaged have them replaced
by authorized personnel
B) Machine fails to deliver coffee
- The water tank is empty; fill it
- The boiler has not refilled after using the steam
C) Machine fails to deliver hot water and/or steam:
- The water tank is empty; fill it
- The boiler has not been refilled after using the
steam element
- Clogged nozzle: clean the steam delivery nozzle
D) Irregular coffee delivery:
- Rinse the portafilter
- Rinse the dispersion screen by running water
through the group head (12) – to do so, press the
coffee deliveryswitch (3)
- Check that your grind is neither too coarse nor
too fine.
In the event of all problems not specified
always detach the power cable, avoid un-
dertaking any further diagnostic operations
or direct repair, and contact the retailer or a
qualified service company.
For more information and detailed online instruc-
tions, please visit our website at
10.1. Temporary
Empty the water tank (8) and the remaining water in
the boiler.
Turn off all the switches and disconnect the power
Carry out the necessary maintenance operations.
Place the machine is a dry place, away from atmo-
spheric agents and of exclusive access (avoid lea-
ving it in the reach of minors or untrained persons).
10.2. Definitive
Do the following in addition to the “Temporarily placing
out of service” actions:
Cut the power cable,
Wrap cardboard or other material around the
machine and consign to the authorized personnel
(authorized refuse disposal center or used material
collection center).