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It is forbidden to remove from the grinder the safety protections and/or
devices provided for.
Unplug the grinder from the power socket when it is not in use and before
cleaning it, without pulling the electric cable.
Do not use the grinder if it is not working properly or if the electric cable or
the plug are damaged; the user is advised to replace the electric cable or to
have the grinder checked by an authorised SERVICE CENTRE.
To avoid damages use only accessories and spare parts that have been
approved by the manufacturer.
In case of grinder failure or faulty operation, switch it off. Do not try to
repair it yourself but refer to an authorised SERVICE CENTRE to have any
worn or damaged parts replaced with original spare parts.
In case of unauthorised repairs carried out on the grinder, or the use of non
original spare parts the guarantee is not valid anymore and the manufac-
turer will reserve the right to no longer acknowledge its validity.
Do not use the grinder outdoors.
Do not use the grinder for any use different from the one for which it has
been manufactured.
Before any cleaning or maintenance operation, disconnect the grinder by
placing the ON/OFF switch on the OFF position and remove the plug from
the power socket without pulling the power electric cable.
To avoid fires, electric shocks and personal damage, never immerse the
grinder, the electric cable or other electrical components in water.
In case of fire, use carbon dioxide (CO2) fire extinguishers. Do not use
water or steam extinguishers.
The JOLLY models can supply:
- ground coffee with grinding regulation
The JOLLY DOSATO models can supply:
- ground coffee with grinding regulation
- preset coffee dose for one cup of espresso coffee.
The user has to follow the safety regulations in force in the country where
the grinder is in use, in addition to the rules suggested by common sense
and the directions contained in this manual.
In order to guarantee proper operation of the grinder and preservation
in time of its features, the user is advised to check the right environmental
conditions (room temperature must range between 5° and 35° C). To avoid
the use of the grinder in places where jets of water are used in outdoor
environments exposed to the action of the weather (sun, rain, etc.).
After removing the coffee dosing grinder from its packaging, make sure that
it is intact and it is not damaged.
The packaging must be delivered to the proper waste disposal centres and
in no case left unattended or to the reach of children or animals.
Before starting the grinder, make sure that the power supply voltage spe-
cified in the data plate placed under the base of the grinder is used in the
Put the grinder in a safe place, on a solid base, away from heat sources
and out of the reach of children.
Before connecting and disconnecting the grinder, make sure that the ON/
OFF switch is on the OFF position.
Do not use the grinder without any coffee beans or when the bell jar is not
in its place.