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Bowl, white flat beater and white Dough
Hook may be washed in an automatic
dishwasher. Or, clean them thoroughly
Care and Cleaning
in hot sudsy water and rinse completely
before drying. Wire Whip, burnished
Dough Hook and burnished flat beater
should be hand washed and dried
immediately. Do not wash Wire Whip,
burnished Dough Hook and burnished
flat beater in a dishwasher. Do not store
beaters on shaft.
Always be sure to unplug mixer
before cleaning. Wipe mixer with a soft,
damp cloth. Do not use household/
commercial cleaners. Do not immerse in
water. Wipe off beater shaft frequently,
removing any residue that may accumulate.
Injury Hazard
Unplug mixer before touching
Failure to do so can result in
broken bones, cuts or bruises.
Beater To Bowl Clearance
Your mixer is adjusted at the factory so that the flat beater just clears the bottom of
the bowl. If for any reason, the flat beater hits the bottom of the bowl or is too far
away from the bowl, clearance can be corrected as follows:
Bowl-Lift models
• Unplug mixer.
• Place bowl-lift handle in down position.
• Turn screw (A) SLIGHTLY
counterclockwise (left) to raise flat
beater and clockwise (right) to lower
flat beater.
• Make adjustments with flat beater, so it
just clears surface of bowl.
NOTE: When properly adjusted, the flat
beater will not strike on bottom or side of
bowl. If beater or Wire Whip is adjusted
too close so that it strikes bottom of
bowl, coating may wear off beater or
wires may wear through on Wire Whip.