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Using Your KitchenAid
Flat Beater for normal to heavy mixtures:
cakes biscuits
creamed frostings quick breads
candies meat loaf
cookies mashed potatoes
pie pastry
Wire Whip* for mixtures that need air incorporated:
eggs sponge cakes
egg whites angel food cakes
heavy cream mayonnaise
boiled frostings some candies
Dough Hook* for mixing and kneading yeast doughs:
breads coffee cakes
rolls buns
Mixing Time
Your KitchenAid
Mixer will mix faster and
more thoroughly than most other electric
mixers. Therefore, the mixing time in most
recipes must be adjusted to avoid over
beating. With cakes, for example,
beating time may be half as long as with
other mixers.
Stand Mixer Use
NOTE: Do not scrape bowl while mixer is
The bowl and beater are designed
to provide thorough mixing without
frequent scraping. Scraping the bowl
once or twice during mixing is usually
sufficient. Turn unit off before scraping.
The mixer may warm up during use.
Under heavy loads with extended mixing
time, you may not be able to comfortably
touch the top of the unit. This is normal.
* Sold separately for model K4SS.