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All speeds have the Soft Start
feature that automatically starts the Stand Mixer at a
lower speed to help avoid ingredient splash-out and “our puff” at start-up, then quickly
increases to the selected speed for optimal performance.
Number of Speed
Speed STIRRING For slow stirring, combining, mashing,
starting all mixing procedures. Use to add
our and dry ingredients to batter, and add
liquids to dry ingredients. Do not use STIR
speed to mix or knead yeast doughs.
2 SLOW MIXING For slow mixing, mashing, faster stirring.
Use to mix and knead yeast doughs, heavy
batters, and candies; start mashing potatoes
or other vegetables; cut shortening into
our; mix thin or splashy batters.
4 MIXING, For mixing semi-heavy batters, such as
BEATING cookies. Use to combine sugar and
shortening and to add sugar to egg whites
for meringues. Medium speed for cake
mixes. Use with: Food Grinder, Rotor Slicer/
Shredder, Pasta Roller, and Fruit/Vegetable
6 BEATING, For medium-fast beating (creaming) or
CREAMING whipping. Use to nish mixing cake,
doughnut, and other batters. High speed
for cake mixes. Use with Citrus Juicer
8 FAST BEATING, For whipping cream, egg whites, and
WHIPPING boiled frostings.
10 FAST WHIPPING For whipping small amounts of cream,
egg whites or for nal whipping of mashed
potatoes. Use with Pasta Maker and Grain
Mill attachments. NOTE: Will not maintain
fast speeds under heavy loads, such as when
using Pasta Maker or Grain Mill attachments.
NOTE: Use Speed 2 to mix or knead yeast doughs. Use of any other speed creates
high potential for Stand Mixer failure. The PowerKnead™ Spiral Dough Hook efciently
kneads most yeast dough within 4 minutes.
Speed Control Guide - 10 Speed Stand Mixers
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