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Stale bread toasts more quickly than fresh bread.
Therefore, set the toasters browning control to a
slightly lower setting.
When toasting two slices of bread, it is recommended
they be of equal size and freshness.
If you wish to reheat toast that has not yet been
buttered, set the toast browning control to 1.
When toasting a single slice of bread, the inner
slice will be cooked slightly more than the outer
side. This is normal for toasters that cook side by
side as some of the heat is transferred from the
unused cooking slot.
Switch toaster off, remove the plug from the wall
socket and let the toaster cool down before you start
cleaning it.
Wipe the outside of the toaster with a moist cloth
and dry it with another cloth or paper towel.
Do not use scouring or abrasive cleaning on any
part of the toaster.
To avoid damage to the toaster heating elements
do not use any metallic utensils to clean the inside
of the toaster.
Crumbs will accumulate in the crumb tray and
could catch fire if the tray is not emptied frequently.
When the toaster has cooled completely, tap the
sides of the toaster lightly to dislodge any crumbs
caught in the toaster chamber and pull out the
crumb tray.
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