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When the toasting cycle is complete the slices will
pop up automatically and are ready for removal
from the slots. If the slices are difficult to remove
safely, you can lift the lever upwards for extra high lift.
To immediately stop toasting at any time, lift the toast
lever up lightly.
Remove the plug from outlet.
Slice bagel into two equal halves before toasting.
Insert bagel so both ‘cut’ sides are facing inwards
to centre element.
Select the desired browning setting.
Press the toasting lever down until it engages and
the red light illuminates.
As soon as the bagel is lowered, immediately
press the Bagel button, located on the end of the
browning selector the red light will now flash.
Pressing this button reduces the heat produced
from the outer elements gently warming the
outside of the bun while still toasting the inside of
the bagel to perfection.
The red light will flash to indicate that the Bagel
feature is working.
To toast frozen bread increase usual browning
setting by 0.5 to 1.
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