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Subject to the conditions below, HWI
warrants for one year from the date
of purchase that this Breville
appliance is
free of defects in material and workmanship.
This warranty does not cover damages to
the appliance or to any of its parts that are
caused by abuse, misuse, neglect, wear and
tear, including damages caused by using
the appliance in a manner not contemplated
by the instruction manual, including use on
current or voltage other than that marked
on the product, or by failing to follow safety,
operating, care or cleaning instructions or
alteration or repair not authorized by HWI
. Where applicable, this warranty
covers the repair and/or replacement of a
defective product at HWI Breville
’s option.
This warranty provides specified rights.
Consumers may also have other rights
which vary from state to state, or province
to province.
The warranty extends for one year from the
date of original purchase by a consumer,
and does not apply to purchases by
retailers or distributors, or to purchases for
commercial use. If a replacement product is
sent, it will carry the remaining warranty of
the original product.
Please contact our Customer Service Center
at www.Breville.com or call the toll free
number below for instructions on the repair
and/or replacement of the appliance if a
covered defect occurs within the one year
warranty period.
In order to be eligible for this warranty,
the consumer must purchase the Breville®
appliance from an “Authorized Retailer” and
must provide proof that the product was
purchased within one year prior to making
any claim under the warranty. Registering
the product with HWI Breville®, while
appreciated, is not required, and is not a
substitute for proof of purchase.
This warranty covers the repair and/or
replacement of products. HWI Breville
expressly disclaims all responsibility for
consequential damages for incidental losses
caused by use of this appliance. Some states
or provinces do not allow this exclusion or
limitation for incidental or consequential
losses, so the foregoing disclaimer may not
apply to you.
Fitness and merchantability: any
warranty of merchantability or
fitness with respect to this product is
also limited to the one year limited
warranty period. The warranties set
forth herein are exclusive and not
other warranties, express or implied,
are made by HWI Breville
or are
authorized to be made with respect to
the product.
If the appliance should become defective
within the warranty period, do not return the
appliance to the store. Please visit us online
at www.Breville.com or:
Toll free phone number:
1-866-BREVILLE (1-866-273-8455)
1-866-BREVILLE (1-866-273-8455)
USA: AskUs@BrevilleUSA.com
CANADA: AskUs@Breville.ca
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