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Step 7
When mixing is complete, move the ‘ON/OFF’
switch to the ‘OFF’ position then unplug the
power plug from the power outlet.
Step 8
Remove the attachments by pressing
the EJECT button while grasping the
attachment shafts. The attachments will be
released automatically. DO NOT try to pull
the attachments out of the sockets without
pressing the EJECT button.
Pressing the ‘TURBO’ button while mixing
provides an extra burst of power (overriding
the speed setting being used). Press the
‘TURBO’ button and hold it down for no
more than 30 seconds to avoid overheating.
After the ‘TURBO’ button has been used,
always turn the hand mixer off and allow it
to cool for a few minutes before using again.
Many recipes will tell you to mix, beat or
whisk ingredients together for a certain
amount of time. Your hand mixer has a
timer function which allows you to see
how long you have been mixing. Once you
begin operating the hand mixer, the timer
will automatically start counting. Once the
hand mixer is switched off, the timer will
automatically return to 00:00.
Step 6
Move the hand mixer in a slight
circular action during mixing to allow
the attachments to efficiently mix
the ingredients. Stop the hand mixer
intermittently and use a plastic spatula to
scrape down the sides of the mixing bowl,
then continue mixing.
To stop mixing at any time, move the
‘ON/OFF’ switch to the ‘OFF’ position
or decrease the speed to ‘0’.
Always turn the hand mixer ‘OFF’ if you
need to scrape down the bowl during use.
Avoid allowing the attachments to hit
against the side of the mixing bowl
while the hand mixer is operating
as this will result in damage to the
Ensure the hand mixer is switched off
and unplugged from the power outlet
before inserting the attachments.
Avoid contact with attachments
during operation. Keep hands, hair,
clothing, spatulas and other utensils
away from the attachments to prevent
personal injury or damage to the hand
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