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Important Information
Please read the information below very carefully. It contains important
tips for the use, the safety and the maintenance and care of this appli-
ance. Please keep these operating instructions for future reference.
Use only with AC current and the correct voltage. See the label on
the base of the grinder to determine the correct voltage.
Only clean the grinder housing with a dry or slightly damp cloth.
Do not use this grinder for anything other than its intended use (i.e.
grinding whole roasted coffee beans).
Disassemble your grinder only as directed in the care and cleaning
section of this manual. If you cannot remedy a malfunction check
www.baratza.com and visit our Troubleshooting page. If you need
further assistance e-mail us at support@baratza.com or call us at
Baratza will not accept any liability for damage or injury if the grinder
is used other than for its intended purpose or is improperly operated
or repaired. All warranty claims will be void.
For Your Safety
Do not operate the grinder with a damaged cord or plug, or if the
grinder malfunctions.
Do not leave your grinder unattended while turned ON.
Shut off and unplug the grinder from the electrical outlet when not in
use and before cleaning.
To unplug, grasp plug and remove from the outlet-never pull on cord.
Keep your grinder out of the reach of children.
Do not immerse the grinder, plug or cord in water or any other liquid.
Always unplug the electrical supply cord prior to cleaning the grinder.