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Photo # 3
Cleaning the Grinding Chamber Exit Port:
Turn the grinder so the back is facing you, then
rotate the black adjustment ring counter clockwise
until it stops. The rectangular cutout on the ring
should now be at the 11 o’clock position (see pho-
to # 3). Directly below the cutout, at the bottom of
the chamber is the exit port leading to the grounds
bin. If the exit port is clogged, clear it with the
jumbo paper clip and brush. Make sure the exit
port and grounds chute are clear all the way to the
exit of the grounds chute. A blast of compressed air
can help complete the cleaning.
Automatic Cleaning
The use of Grindz will NOT clear a clogged grinder, this can only be
done by following the steps in “Clearing a Clogged Grinder”.
A thorough, fast, and easy cleaning can be accomplished using Grindz
grinder cleaner. Grindz
is a product designed to dislodge coffee par-
ticles and absorb and remove odors and coffee oil
residue. Simply place one packet of Grintz
the empty grinder hopper. Adjust grind setting
to 20, and operate as if grinding coffee beans
until all of the Grindz
has been ground. Once
complete, we recommend passing about 4 Tbs. of
coffee through the grinder to remove any Grindz
residue. Discard the ground coffee. For informa-
tion on Grindz
go to www.urnex.com.
can be purchased at www.baratza.com