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Cleaning the Ring Burr
Use the bristle brush (included with your grinder)
to remove any loose coffee residue on the ring
burr and the center cone burr mounted within the
motor housing. Wash the silicone seal in warm
soapy water and dry.
Replacing the Ring Burr
Ensure that the black adjustment ring is rotated
counterclockwise as far as it will go. Replace the
burr by lining up the red tab on the burr with the
rectangular cutout on the black adjustment ring.
Wiggle and push down rmly on the ring burr to
ensure that it seats properly.
After replacing the burr, replace the silicone seal
by lining up the two slots in the silicone seal with
the small tabs on the top of the ring burr and slide
the seal onto the ring burr.
Replacing the Bean Hopper
To replace the bean hopper, line
up the two small tabs on the base
of the hopper with their respective
slots in the top of the grinder hous-
ing and insert the hopper into the
grinder. Once the hopper is in place
rotate it clockwise to your desired
grind setting.