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Do not put the bean hopper, hopper lid, ground coffee bin, or PortaHolder in the
dishwasher. Hand wash only. Do not immerse the grinder housing in water. Do
NOT wash the burrs with water.
Replacing the Burr
Make sure ALL coffee grounds and powder is removed from the mating surfaces
of the grind chamber and the upper burr carrier before reinstalling. Even a very
small speck of coffee powder will throw off your calibration.
With your hand, rmly press down until the burr carrier feels seated, then using
the Baratza Burr Tool, rotate the burr carrier counter-clockwise 1/6th of a turn
until tight.
Replacing the Bean Hopper
To replace the bean hopper, line up the two small tabs on the base of the hopper
with their respective slots in the top of the grinder housing and insert the
hopper into the grinder. Once the hopper is in place, rotate it clockwise until it
clicks to a stop (about ¼ inch or 4mm).