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Removing the Bean Hopper
Remove all beans from the hopper then press the START button to run any
remaining beans through the grinder. Remove the plug from the power outlet.
Remove the hopper by twisting it, with both hands (with the lid on) in a
counterclockwise direction until it stops (about 1/4inch, or 4mm) and then lift
the bean hopper off of the grinder housing.
Removing the Upper Burr
Using the Baratza Burr Tool included with the grinder, rotate the metal burr
carrier clockwise about 1/6th of a turn, then lift the burr carrier straight up and
out of the grinder housing. You may need to wiggle the burr carrier a little to
get it free.
Cleaning the Grounds Bin, Hopper and Burrs
Wash the grounds bin, hopper, and the hopper lid in warm soapy water, then
rinse and dry.
If the grinder is used daily, the burrs (steel or ceramic) should be cleaned at least
every few months using tablets (see below for Automatic Cleaning) or with a
stiff brush. Proper cleaning enables the burrs to achieve the most consistent
grind possible. Cleaning also removes some coffee oils, which will stale and
degrade the avor of the ground coffee.