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PortaHolder Set-Up and Use
Insert the PortaHolder into the grinder until it clicks. Then insert your portalter
into the PortaHolder by tipping the basket down so the lip of the portalter slides
under and gets hooked by the hook bracket at the top rear of the PortaHolder
while the base of the basket is supported by the two metal ngers that extend
from the PortaHolder. If the portalter basket is not horizontal in the holder,
remove the screw holding the lower bracket and move the bracket higher or
lower in order to level the portalter basket.
To use, insert your portalter in the PortaHolder. Press the desired preset
button, then press START.
Burr Calibration
All directional indications assume you are looking down on the machine.
A 2mm Allen head calibration screw is located in the round hole behind the
discharge chute (see photo). This calibration screw allows the user to easily
ne-tune the calibration of the burr in the ner or coarser direction while the
grinder is running. To make the adjustment, empty all beans from the grinder.
Turn the grinder on and lower the Macro and Micro levers, all the way to the
bottom. Let the grinder run long enough to expel any remaining ground coffee.
Remove the grounds bin (For Vario-W and Forte , TARE the grinder). Now press
any one of the preset buttons, then press START and insert the Calibration tool
into the 2mm Allen head screw (The grinder will run until you press the STOP
button). With the motor running, move the Macro arm up to the top (setting 1).
You should not hear any change in motor speed. Now, slowly move the Micro
arm up to the midpoint(setting M). If the motor hasn’t started to slow, use
the calibration tool to turn the calibration screw toward the ner direction (as