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The full range on the Micro scale is equal to one “click” or position change on
the Macro scale. Adjusting levers UP produces a smaller particle size, adjusting
levers DOWN produces a larger particle size.
Time Based Grinding Operation
Place the PortaHolder or the ground coffee bin in the grinder. Press a preset
button (1,2,3). The screen will show the corresponding programmed grind time
in seconds. Press START button to begin grinding. While grinding, the screen
will count down the seconds to 0.0. When the screen reaches 0 seconds, the
motor will stop and the display will reset again to the programmed time. For
greater quantities of ground coffee press the Manual button, then START. The
grinder will count up to 90 seconds, then shut off automatically. At any time
during MANUAL operation you can stop the grinding by pressing the STOP
button. The motor will stop and the screen will show the total amount of
seconds, for 3 seconds, then it will reset to 0.0.
The VARIO is equipped with three programmable buttons. The buttons are
simply labeled 1,2,3. These programmable buttons only adjust the amount of
time for coffee to be ground, they do not adjust the grind setting.
Each button comes from the factory with the following presets:
Time: 1=10s, 2=15s, 3=30s
You can easily program more or less grinding time as follows:
1. Select a Preset button.