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Setting Type of Coffee Grind
1 to 14 Espresso Fine
16 to 32 Filter / Drip Medium
34 to 40 Press Coarse
(clockwise) produces a smaller particle size. The actual grind size for a
particular setting will vary depending on many factors, including: degree
of roast (light vs. dark), freshness, humidity, type of bean, oil content, etc.
With use, you will determine the setting that is right for your taste, brew-
ing style and your favorite beans.
Note: Partially ground coffee beans may remain between the burrs after
the grinder is turned off, adjusting the grind may be easier when the
grinder is running. Avoid running the grinder at very ne settings without
beans as it can damage the burrs.
Adjustable Self Timer
The PRECISO is equipped with a 60 sec-
ond timer switch. Each segment around the
timer represents about 10 seconds of run
time. The grinder switches off automatically
once the time has elapsed. If you want
to interrupt grinding
before the time has
elapsed, simply turn
the timer switch coun-
terclockwise until the grinder switches off.
The quantity of ground coffee you need depends on
the type of bean, coarseness of the grind, brewing
method and personal taste. With use, you will nd
the most suitable settings for your personal taste.