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Clearing a Clogged Grinder
If your grinder is not dispensing coffee normally, it could be clogged
with coffee powder. This can happen if the grounds bin or portalter are
allowed to overll and ground coffee gets backed up into the grounds
chute and grinding chamber. It can also happen with the build up of cof-
fee powder over time.
Cleaning the Grounds Chute:
To clear the grinder remove any beans that remain
in the bean hopper, then remove the bean hop-
per. Also remove the ring burr and the grounds
bin. Check to see if the grounds chute is clogged
by looking at the exit of the grounds chute which
is located at the top of the recess that holds the
grounds bin (see photo # 1). If clogged, remove
the coffee grounds with a stiff piece of wire such
as a straightened jumbo paper clip and your
cleaning brush.
Cleaning the Paddle Wheel:
Looking at the grinder from the top you’ll see the
cone burr in the center and a paddle wheel with
eight ns that rotates at the base of the cone burr
(see photo # 2). During grinding these ns push
the ground coffee out of the grinding chamber.
Ground coffee can get tightly packed between the
ns. Use a straightened jumbo paper clip (or simi-
lar) to remove any coffee powder lodged between
the ns. Once all the coffee is removed, make
sure that all eight ns are present and reach to the
wall of the grinding chamber. If the paddle wheel is broken or warn, go
to www.baratza.com troubleshooting to see how to purchase and replace
the paddle wheel.
Photo # 1
Photo # 2